The money back guarantee period is accepted by the consumer within seven days. If the consent is accepted during this period, the agreed acceptance will not be refunded.

If the package or accessory is damaged or missing, it will not be received.

If you want to return the product, it is necessary to contact us within a limited time to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings and disputes.

If the product is not defective or damaged, the consumer must bear the return shipping cost.

I hope that transactions can trust each other and understand similarities. If you are not satisfied with this project, you would like to comment on your thoughts. We are very happy to hear from you.

If the product is in transit, please notify the seller after receiving the product and returning the defective product. After the seller receives and confirms the defective product, the new product will be shipped quickly.

How to apply for a refund

  1. Return of personal reasons: Within 7 days from the date of receipt of the product, after receiving the customer's after-sales service, send a letter to the after-sales service center, without affecting the second sale. It will then be processed within 3 working days according to your request. The freight generated by the return is borne by you
  2. Return due to quality reasons: Within 7 days from the date of receipt of the product, send an email to the after-sales service center (, the customer service will accept your request within 1-3 business days after receiving the letter. The shipping cost of the return will be borne by us.

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How to cancel an order

If you want to cancel your order, you must send an email to the after-sales service center and specify the reason. The message content will display your order number, name and phone number.

If you have any questions after receiving the product, please contact the online customer service or send an email to ( Please provide your name, contact information and order number so that we can manage it in a timely manner.

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